About Us

Music Maven is establishing itself as the leading provider of music industry analytics. We strive to create an environment of an intertwined community of music geniuses (artists, producers, song-writers) and music lovers who influence each other to elicit the kind of responses that will rule the creation of music and the economics of the music industry ecosystem.

To this end, Music Maven provides a comprehensive report card for each artist based on various metrics and offers a one stop shop that allows artists, managers, labels, and even fans to obtain the most current and up-to-date rankings of every artist in the world. Using our proprietary technology, Music Maven offers an innovative “artist ranking list” that takes into account each artist’s ranking in social media presence, streaming charts, digital downloads, and concert ticket sales to accurately reflect each artist’s true rank amongst peers in each of the above categories. We help artists take a bow and bask in the glow of respect from their peers and adoration and pride from their fans. Beyond these rankings, our unique technology parses the breadth and depth of each artist's connectivity to a regional and worldwide fan base. We crown these artists with quantitative, objective and dynamic rankings that allow them to measure themselves against all of today's and historical artists and genres. Music Maven provides these Most Influential Artists access to its Brand Partners.

Music Maven's brand relationships get access to comprehensive data analytics on artists that helps them choose the “Most Influential Artist” that is the most compatible with their budget and corporate values. Artists can monetize their status by using a frictionless, optimized platform that continues to measure and enhance their social and growth potential.