• Drake Shakes the Music Charts with More Scary Hours

    For most of 2021 so far, only two artists have dominated the music charts, Morgan Wallen and Olivia Rodrigo. Since Wallen released his second studio album, Dangerous: The Double Album, on January 8, 2021, he has usually been The Number One Most Streamed and Highest Earning Artist, for two months now. Similarly, since Rodrigo released her single, “drivers license,” also on January 8, that song has usually been The Number One Most Streamed and Highest Earning Song, for two months now. Fans hungry for new music have returned repeatedly to their favorite artists from last year, the late Pop Smoke and Juice WRLD.

    Finally, Drake has shaken the music charts with Scary Hours 2, his fourth Extended Play (EP), which includes only three songs, “What’s Next,” “Wants and Needs,” featuring Lil Baby, and “Lemon Pepper Freestyle,” featuring Drake’s longtime collaborator, Rick Ross.

    According to Music Maven’s proprietary technology, which provides the most current and accurate data on the performance of all artists and songs in daily music charts, Scary Hours 2 made Drake The Most Streamed Artist, The Highest Earning Artist, and the Most Influential Artist. His three EP songs also quickly took over the song charts, ranking in the top four for The Highest Earning Songs and Most Streamed Songs. The only competitor on the top of the song charts in the new song by Bruno Mars, “Leave the Door Open.” Otherwise, Drake closed the door shut, leaving all other artists in the cold.

    On the day of its release, Friday, March 5, the tracks on Scary Hours 2 had the following performance ranks. “What’s Next” led with 5.7M streams and $15.7K revenue, as both the Most Streamed and Highest Earning Song. “Wants and Needs,” was second Most Streamed and second Highest Earning, at 5.3M, and $14.3K. “Lemon Pepper Freestyle,” had 4.1M streams and $11K. With only these three songs, Scary Hours 2 gave Drake the Highest Streaming and Highest Earning ranks with 17.1M streams and $46.1K in one day.

    With only three songs, this EP shows Drakes everlasting potential over the charts. Keep in mind that Drake has not released a full studio album, the double album Scorpio, from 2018. Recent offerings have been more diverse: Care Package from 2019 was Drake’s first compilation album, and the celebrated Dark Lane Demo Tapes from last year was, as the title suggests, a mixtape.

    Not that fans care that much about the form in which Drake’s music appears, but the difference between a 3-track EP and a 25-track double studio album makes an immense difference in terms of chart performance and things that matter most to artists, like revenue.

    Scary Hours 2 is a sequel to a first Scary Hours, a 2-track EP from 2018, which released the single “God’s Plan,” a song that has only about 1.7 billion streams on Spotify by now, still less than the 1.9 billion Spotify streams that his “One Dance,” from 2016 has won. With literally billions of streams between only two tracks, Drake’s release of an EP or even just one single can shake the charts far more than most other artists can.

    By Vince, March 7, 2021