The Weeknd Shatters The Music Charts After Hours On The Weekend

On February 16, 1990 in Toronto, two migrants from Ethiopia named Makkonen and Samra Tesfaye gave birth to a child who they named Abel Makkonen Tesfaye. God Bless The Child That Can Hold His Own. That child is The Weeknd.

On March 20, 2020, yesterday, The Weeknd released his fourth studio album, After Hours. With After Hours, The Weeknd has shattered the music charts this weekend.

According to Music Maven’s proprietary technology, which tracks all music tracks and defines the dominant music charts of the music industry, The Weeknd is now by far the world’s dominant artist.

As media outlets report dire news on how, because of a terrible pestilence, “America plunged into a deeper state of disruption and paralysis,” and warn of “How to Avoid Complete Economic Destruction,” after the stock market’s worst week since the economic crisis of 2008, a quarter of all in the US have been ordered to stay indoors.

As Coronavirus/COVID-19 cases increase by the thousands in the US and the world, many economic indicators have fallen and political orders to stay inside have proliferated, leaving scenes of empty streets in major cities like New York and Los Angeles.

Enter The Weeknd.

His songs and videos evoke the trauma, anxiety, and heartbreak characteristic of this outbreak, but they also have a smooth, soothing, tranquilizing effect on listeners, calming those who must stay indoors without much else to do but listen to music and watch videos.

The short film for the After Hours album, and the music video for eponymous single, display those eerily cleared city streets and empty transport venues, as well as the Beauty Behind the Madness, and show The Weeknd – with broken nose, bloodied mouth, and matching red blazer – going crazy, capturing the feeling of many who just want to go outside.

The Weeknd’s way of synchronizing his sound and image with the moment has been a stunning success this weekend. According to Music Maven’s music charts, he is now the Most Streamed Artist with 34M streams today. That places The Weeknd under Lil Uzi Vert with his latest release the weekend-before-last with its nearly 41M streams, and above the next contender, Eminem, with his 32M streams with his latest release in January.

The Weeknd is now far higher in the stream rank compared to Lil Uzi Vert, who now has only under 15M streams today. This has allowed The Weekend to takeover the Highest Revenue Rank for any artist, at $13.75K today.

Even more devastating is the performance of The Weeknd’s individual songs. With zero guest performances, After Hours is a sonic masterpiece, and listeners know it. The 14 tracks on the album have risen to the top 5 and 16 of all songs, displacing almost every other song in Most Streamed Songs. The only songs that have survived The Weeknd’s viral deluge are this year’s long-reigning hit, “The Box,” by Roddy’s Ricch, at number 7 and falling, and “Don’t Start Now,” by Dua Lipa, at number 14 and falling. After Hours has forced all but a two songs on the top 50 to fall in stream rank, including all of the next 18 after his number 16.

As might be predicted, the top songs – “Alone Again,” “Too Late,” “Scared To Live,” and “Hardest To Love” – are the first songs on his album, all from 2.5-3.1M streams today.

“Blinding Lights,” the top song on the album, the second single, released last November, has also done well, with 555M streams on Spotify alone. It is the world’s Highest Earning Song now, at $9.39K today. As in the Most Streamed Songs, The Weeknd’s songs from After Hours dominate the top 15 Highest Earning songs. Only The Box,” by Roddy Ricch, at number 6 and falling at $7.4K competes.

Part of the reason for the success of After Hours is the popularity of his earlier tracks, like “Heartless,” the lead single of this album, also released last November, with 196M streams on Spotify, as well as two prior songs that reached billion-stream territory: “Starboy” from 2016 at 1.3B streams and “Can’t Feel My Face” from 2015 at 1B streams on Spotify.

At 57.6M Spotify listeners this month, The Weeknd is second only to Justin Bieber at 62.75M listeners. By now, The Weeknd has far outpaced Bieber, whose Valentine’s Day release topped the charts over a month ago. Rumors around a mutual ex, who you might have heard of, Selena Gomez, and around his tumultuous relations with one of the world’s top models, Bella Hadid, have only brightened the Starboy’s stellar appeal.

By Vince, March 21, 2020