The Scotts On Top: Travis Scott And Kid Cudi Go Astronomical On Fortnite

Travis Scott and Kid Cudi have established astronomical followings since they began their respective careers in music.

Kid Cudi’s 2009 debut, Man on the Moon, became a cult classic with its tracks “Pursuit of Happiness” and “Day ‘N’ Night,” the former with half a billion combined streams with remixes on Spotify, the latter with 276M.

Since Travis Scott’s 2015 debut, Rodeo, his songs, like “goosebumps,” featuring Kendrick Lamar, from 2016, with nearly 1B streams, prepared the way for his stellar ASTROWORLD, from 2018, which had several tracks with hundreds of millions of streams, including “SICKO MODE,” featuring Drake, which shattered that elusive one-billion-stream threshold.

Clearly inspired by Kid Cudi’s dark, introspective, vulnerable, soulful lyrics, sounds, and vibes, Travis Scott has sought out Kid Cudi, for tracks like “through the late night,” a reprise of “Day ‘N’ Night,” and other tracks.

Travis Scott, also known as La Flame, and signed to Epic Records, has burnt up the music charts with recent collaborations, like with Quavo from Migos as Huncho Jack, released under Scott’s imprint, Cactus Jack Records. Same with JACKBOYS from last year, a collective of Cactus Jack artists like Sheck Wes — don’t forget “Mo Bamba” — and Don Toliver — check “No Idea” and see if he sounds familiar to you. Or “Out West,” featuring Young Thug, now at 123M streams on Spotify. This follows Scott’s “Hot” assist to Thugga’s remix, now at 132M streams.

To synthesize his recent collaborations, Travis Scott, real name Jacques Webster II, teamed up with Kid Cudi, real name Scott Mescudi, to form THE SCOTTS, with their eponymous debut single this Friday.

Besides their respective sounds and names, THE SCOTTS makes sense as a collaboration because of their out-of-this world concepts, symbolism, and imagery, which tend to refer to otherworldly or interplanetary themes. Kid Cudi has long been the Man on the Moon. Travis Scott has meanwhile connected himself with space flight themes through representation of his hometown, Houston, also known as Space City because it is the home of NASA, and the International Space Station. Travis Scott’s most recent solo album, ASTROWORLD, was named after the Six Flags theme park of the same name, which was right across the street from the Astrodome, the original home of the Astros baseball team.

The outer space themes long brought to light by Kid Cudi and Travis Scott continued with their collaboration for THE SCOTTS through Fortnite, a gaming site and app, which released Astronomical to go with their debut single. Astronomical is hard to describe, but it was a user-friendly viewer-interactive concert and sound experience hosted live on Fortnite over the last days, with 12.3 player/viewers on day one. The music video version is not the same, but attracted 12.7M views in a few days, and is now the #4 trending video on YouTube. Travis Scott — by some accounts the greatest live performer on the planet — was scheduled to have headlined at Coachella this month, so his Astronomical performance kept La Flame lit.

Travis Scott’s track record, his collaborations with JACKBOYS and THE SCOTTS, and his Astronomical show on Fortnite all helped him set fire to the music charts this weekend.

According to Music Maven’s proprietary technology — which provides the most current and accurate data on the performance of the top 200 artists and songs in daily music charts — his work brought Travis Scott to the second Most Streamed Artist, and 7.2M streams yesterday, miraculously without an album debut. This also won him Music Maven’s award for the number one Most Influential Artist, which takes into account each artist’s ranking in social media presence, streaming charts, digital downloads, and other metrics.

The “THE SCOTTS” meanwhile debuted at number two on Music Maven’s Most Streamed Songs chart with 6.8M streams, and at number one for revenue rank, as the Highest Earning Song, at $14K, lighting La Flame’s fire at the top of the music charts.

The Netflix documentary about La Flame’s quest to set the stage ablaze, Travis Scott: Look Mom I Can Fly, displayed this star’s talent for all to see. The fire of his future collaborations, whether with JACKBOYS or THE SCOTTS, or any future solo album, will likely scorch the charts to smoldering embers and cinders.

By Vince, April 25, 2020