Taylor Swift Sweeps the Music Charts with Evermore

Taylor Swift Sweeps the Music Charts with Evermore

This past July, Taylor Swift swiftly rose to the top of the music charts with her eighth studio album, folklore. This past December 11, Swift released her ninth studio album, evermore, a kind of sequel to folklore, with similar indie, folk, and alternative vibes.

According to Music Maven’s proprietary technology, which provides the most current and accurate data on the performance of all artists and songs in daily music charts evermore made Swift evermore powerful on the charts, quickly earning her the top positions as The Most Streamed Artist, The Highest Earning Artist, and the Most Influential Artist, which she attained already the day before the release of her album, in anticipation after its surprise announcement on social media.

The Most Influential Artist, which encompasses not only streams and revenue, but social media presence, digital downloads, and concert ticket sale, is Music Maven’s highest measure of musical excellence online. As in the case of folklore in the summer, Swift’s sweep of all three categories with evermore as winter nears is an overwhelming confirmation of fan approval for her music.

In terms of Swift’s ranking as The Most Streamed Artist, she won 50.4M streams the first day of the evermore release, lower than her 66.7M streams for the folklore debut day, but still higher than any other artist. The same was true of revenue on day one of evermore: with $142.2K on the first day of its release, Swift swept up The Highest Earning Artist accolade. She remains at number one in both categories.

As an index of her overwhelming success, all 15 tracks on evermore made it to the top 20 Most Streamed Songs. Led by “willow,” “champagne problems,” and “gold rush,” only songs by Bad Bunny and Kid Cudi, who released Man on the Moon III: The Chosen this weekend, could compete with Taylor Swift.

Bad Bunny’s “DÁKITI” has since returned to number one, after Swift lowered his hit single to number three, and a more varied series of tracks have repopulated the Most Streamed Songs.

At the same time, the uniform takeover by evermore of the top 20 Most Streamed fortified Swift’s sweeping domination of the music charts.

By Vince, December 15, 2020