Sza Revealed That Her Upcoming Album Is "Ready to Go."

Sza Revealed That Her Upcoming Album Is "Ready to Go."

SZA teased the release of her upcoming album on the Met Gala red carpet, hinting that it would arrive soon.

While passing through the red carpet of The Met, SZA paused to speak with Vogue about her upcoming album, which, as she revealed, is set to be released this summer. 

"My album is finally ready to go, more than I've ever felt like before. So this summer, it will be a SZA summer," Sza shares in an interview.  

Later that night, she and Doja Cat were awarded the Grammy for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for their chart-topping song "Kiss Me More."

The artist also hinted to her fans about what they might anticipate on her follow-up album to her previous 2017 debut Ctrl, conveying, "It's probably my most unisex project yet. It's definitely for everybody in a different way." 

Her next album will be released five years after her previous one. There is no further information available at this time about SZA's forthcoming mixtape's exact release date. In other SZA news, she has been keeping busy after a great awards season, most recently releasing her Crocs collaboration in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, which was released recently.

Sza also performs for the crowd during the Met Gala's after-party. That is happening shown live on Instagram. Guests were delighted to see yet another surprise musical performance by Sza just before midnight. She made an appearance, dressed in a Varsity-style jacket, and serenaded the audience with her R&B hit songs.

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