Sleepy Harlow and Walker Hayes Blessed the Music Chart with Their Music

Sleepy Harlow and Walker Hayes Blessed the Music Chart with Their Music

What you need to know about the Music Charts on July 30, 2021:

The Most Influential Artists are     Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran, Glass Animals, and Lil Tjay

The Most Streamed Artists are Ed Sheeran with 1.2M+ streams; Glass Animals, 993.3K+; Lil Tjay, 979.8K+; and Trippie Redd, 977.5K+.

The Highest Earning Artists are Justin Bieber with $3.18K+ revenue; Bruno Mars, $3.00K+; Lil Tjay, $2.92K+; and Trippie Redd, $2.79K+.

The Most Streamed Songs are “2055,” by Sleepy Harlow with 890.4K+ streams; “Over The Top,” by Smiley, featuring Drake, 888.2K+; “NOT SOBER,” by The Kid LAROI, featuring Polo G & Stunna Gambino, 884.4K+; and “Thot Shit,” by Megan thee Stallion, 845.4K+.

The Highest Earning Songs are “Fancy Like,” by Walker Hayes with $2.55K+ revenue; “Yonaguni,” by Bad Bunny, $2.39K+; “Peaches,” by Justine Bieber, featuring Daniel Caser & Giveon, $2.38K+; and “Favorite Crime,” by Olivia, Rodrigo,  $2.13K+.

The Most Streamed and Highest-Earning Artists are Ed Sheeran and Justine Bieber. Ed Sheeran has been the Most Streamed Artist since July 29, getting  1.2M+ streams after releasing his hit song Bad Habits on June 25. Justine Bieber has been the Highest-Earning Artist on July 28, earning $3.18K+ revenue after releasing their popular song Peaches on March 19. Ed Sheeran moved 0 positions in 31 days (0%) on the artist streaming chart, and Justine Bieber moved down 1 position in 30 days (-5%) on the artist revenue chart.

The Most Streamed and Highest-Earning Songs are “2055” by Sleepy Harlow and “Fancy Like” by Walker Hayes. “2055” has been the Most Streamed Song since July 29, attaining 890.4K+ streams after being released on April 14. “Fancy Like” has been Highest-Earning Song since July 29, getting $2.55K+ revenue after it was released on June 4. “2055” moved up 3 positions in 7 days (13%) on the song streaming chart, and  “Fancy Like” moved up 13 positions in 22 days (38%) on the song revenue chart.