Rising Stars: Most Top Artists Are Moving Up The Charts

Music Maven’s proprietary technology, which offers data analytics and metrics for all artists and songs, proves that almost all of the top artists and their songs are now on a steep incline up the charts to dizzying heights.

Considering two of Music Maven’s top metrics, Most Streamed Artists and Most Streamed Songs, the nearly complete vertical chart movement is a marvel to behold, like a sky of shooting stars all going up at once.

Of the top 50 Most Streamed Artists, including all of the top 10, 41 have moved up the chart since yesterday and only 9 have declined relative to their prior position. That means 82% of those artists on the charts have increased their stream rank.

Of the top 50 Most Streamed Songs, this ascending trend is even more complete: 47, and all the top 17, have increased or held their rank, and only 3 have declined. That means, with one exception, that 94% of those songs have risen in the charts in the last day.

Topping the Maven rank for Most Streamed Artist and Song is Roddy Ricch, with 8.9M streams, with his hit, “The Box,” at 4.2M streams. For a third of the last month, Roddy has held the Number One position for most streams, but over the past week has declined to second place. Now he is back on top. Same for “The Box,” second place for most streams for last week, now back to the top, where it previously held the highest rank for every day over the past month except January 22.

That same song has had the highest revenue rank for every single day since December 27, when it generated $6K that day, to its peak on January 18 at $15K, to a lower $10.8K today, but still without any real challenger. So far this year, no other song has been able to displace “The Box” for revenue generation, so its position is not rising, just stabilized, and practically protected against any competition. At 315M total streams on Spotify, and certified Platinum for over a month now, “The Box” has proven a model of success.

Roddy’s rising competitors today for the most streamed artist are Post Malone at 6.6M streams, Billie Eilish at 6M, the late Juice WRLD at 5M, and Justin Bieber at 4.9M. This is not necessarily a surprise, since these artists have competed for the top positions for some time now.

For example, Music Maven’s metrics demonstrate that Post Malone has been in the top 5 for the past year. This year, Malone has not yet hit the highest rank for most streams, but he only dropped below the fifth position once, on January 19. Now that he is rising to second place, he is vying with Roddy for the top rank. Malone now has four songs with over one billion streams on Spotify, including one off his most recent album, Hollywood’s Bleeding, “Sunflower,” featuring Swae Lee at 1.3B streams, but his daily streams this year have not surpassed Roddy’s.

The other reigning superstar of those ranks, now at third place and rising for most streams, is Billie Eilish. While Billie’s performance in those ranks has been more erratic than Malone’s, she has similarly remained at the top of the Maven ranks for most streams as an artist for over a year now. Picking up four Grammys this past January 26, for Song and Record of the Year, “Bad Guy,” Album of the Year, for her debut studio album, When We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Go?, and Best New Artist, Billie is, according to many measures, the world’s top artist. However, this year, she has only reached the Maven Number One Most Streamed Artist rank three times, including her record this year, 13M streams on January 29, the week after the Grammys. Still, the staying power of “Bad Guy,” now with over one billion total streams on Spotify, is beyond dispute.

The other top rising artists do not have the same uniform, lock-step song-to-artist rise that Roddy has. For example, none of Malone’s or Billie’s songs are in the top 5 most streams now. After Roddy’s “The Box,” those rising songs go to Justin Bieber’s “Yummy,” at 2.8M streams, Future featuring Drake on “Life is Good” at 2.7M streams, YNW Melly’s “Murder On My Mind,” with 2.6M, and Selena Gomez’s “Lose You To Love Me,” at 2.2M streams.

Despite all the variations and alignments between and among artists and songs, it remains remarkable that by far most of the stars are rising high and lighting up the sky.

By Vince, February 14, 2020