R. Kelly's Conviction and Its Impact on his Music Career

R. Kelly's Conviction and Its Impact on his Music Career

The well-known artist Robert Sylvester Kelly, better known by his stage as R. Kelly, well known for the songs "I Believe I Can Fly" and "Wonderful," has been convicted of sexual abuse. 

Through his success as a chart-topping, mega-hit maker, he had earned the nickname "the King of R&B," yet after two decades of leading a double life, he is now a convicted sex offender.

It would be understandable if music was canceled due to his imprisonment, given the circumstances. On the contrary, the inverse has occurred. The artist's album sales increased by 517 % in the following week as a response to his conviction on September 27.

Kelly's streams on Apple Music and Spotify, for his 50+ song catalog, skyrocketed from 11.2 to 13.4 million in under a week. The opera and soundtrack also gained a large number of streams and sales for the film "Trapped in the Closet."

This shows that the number of R. Kelly listeners are still huge as they continue to support the artist despite THE VERDICT. In addition, a slew of his other hit songs streams is gaining in popularity at an exponential rate.

The artist tracks are still available on the streaming platforms of Apple Music and Spotify. A reason why R. Kelly's classics are still available for streaming.

The number of streams for his most popular songs climbed by 22 percent, while the number of streams for R. Kelly's videos jumped by 23 percent. The increase occurred approximately seven days before the decision for his judgment.  

For instance, prior to the recent trial, the song "I Believe I Can Fly" has consistently been uptrending ins sales for four years despite any allegations.

While his songs are still available on streaming platforms, his two YouTube accounts, RKellyTV and RKellyVevo, had already been shut down by Google. The artist can no longer create new YouTube channels in the future.

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