Post Malone’s Staying Power As He Maintains His Top 5 Artist Ranking For 10 Consecutive Weeks

Believe it or not, the first time someone mentioned Post Malone to me, I had no idea who he was.  But now, I’m obsessed.  In all my “research”/stalking of this young and talented artist, it is clear that Post Malone has something for everyone.  I’ve been listening to his music and watching his interviews trying to learn as much about him as I possibly can and it has been refreshing.  His juxtaposed appearance with tattoos on his face and neck dressed in 3-piece suits, his southern drawl with the accompanying “ma’am” and “sir” while still making music with non-PG language, makes him an artist that multiple generations can find appealing.  Beyond any of the exterior casing, one thing is undeniable.  His music has depth, his personality seems chill and unapologetic, and his voice (with the great talent to simultaneously rap and actually sing) is unique and amazing.  

At such a young age, he has amassed great success and following.  With the release of his third studio album Hollywood’s Bleeding on September 6, 2019, he already has a second number one album under his belt.  On September 6, Post Malone debuted as the 2nd most streamed artist with ~8M streams, while Taylor Swift held the #1 position with 12.6M streams.  On September 7th, Post Malone outranked Swift as the most streamed artist with his 61.4M streams while she had 10.1M streams.  Beyond the impressive stats at the time of the album release, Post has been a force to be reckoned with.  Since Sept 6, 2019, he has maintained the difficult feat of maintaining his top 5 rank as an influential artist for 10 consecutive weeks.  It has now been ~ 2 months since the album’s release and his top singles Circles and Goodbyes continue to have an average of over 1 million streams daily.  With all these impressive stats, one thing is clear, Post Malone has great staying power.

Written By: Sunshine