Pop Smoke and Måneskin Remain Leading on the Music Charts

What you need to know about the Music Charts on August 5, 2021:

The Most Influential Artists are     Polo G, Blackbear, Megan Thee Stallion, and Ariana Grande

The Most Streamed Artists are Drake with 1.5M+ streams; Lil Baby, 1.5M+; Aventura, 1.5M+; and DaBaby, 1.5M+.

The Highest Earning Artists are Pop Smoke with $4.19K+ revenue; Aventura, $4.15K+; DaBaby, $4.11K+; and Bad Bunny, $3.85K+.

The Most Streamed Songs are “Beggin’,” by Måneskin with 989.9K+ streams; “Peaches,” by Justin Bieber, featuring Daniel Caesar & Giveon 897.2K+; “Traitor,” by Olivia Rodrigo, 970.9K+; and “Heat Waves,” by Glass Animals,  954.4K+.

The Highest Earning Songs are “Skate,” by Bruno Mars with $2.80K+ revenue; “Beggin’,” by Måneskin, $2.80K+; “2055,” by Sleepy Harlow, $2.75K+; and “Want’s And Needs,” by Drake, featuring  Lil Baby, $2.67K+.

The Most Streamed and Highest-Earning Artists are Drake and Pop Smoke. Drake has been the Most Streamed Artist on August 4, where he gets 1.5M+ streams after releasing his viral song Wants And Needs on March 5. Pop Smoke is the Highest-Earning Artist on August 4, attaining a $4.19K+ revenue after releasing his hit song For The Night on October 3, 2020. Drake moved down 4 positions in 31 days (-33%) on the artist streaming chart. On the other hand, Pop Smoke moved up 29 positions in 30 days (64%) on the artist revenue chart.

The Most Streamed and Highest-Earning Song are “Beggin’” by Måneskin and “Skate” by Bruno Mars. “Beggin’” has been the Most Streamed Song since August 4, attaining 989.9K+ streams after it was released on 2017, and “Skate” is the Highest-Earning Song since August 4, earning $2.80K+ revenue after it was released on July 30. “Beggin’” moved down 259 positions in 15 days (-2878%) on the song streaming chart, and “Skate” moved down 11 positions in 5 days (-220%) on the song revenue chart.