Pop Smoke and Måneskin Remain Leading on the Music Charts

Pop Smoke and Måneskin Remain Leading on the Music Charts

What you need to know about the Music Charts on August 5, 2021:

The Most Influential Artists are     Polo G, Blackbear, Megan Thee Stallion, and Ariana Grande

The Most Streamed Artists are Drake with 1.5M+ streams; Lil Baby, 1.5M+; Aventura, 1.5M+; and DaBaby, 1.5M+.

The Highest Earning Artists are Pop Smoke with $4.19K+ revenue; Aventura, $4.15K+; DaBaby, $4.11K+; and Bad Bunny, $3.85K+.

The Most Streamed Songs are “Beggin’,” by Måneskin with 989.9K+ streams; “Peaches,” by Justin Bieber, featuring Daniel Caesar & Giveon 897.2K+; “Traitor,” by Olivia Rodrigo, 970.9K+; and “Heat Waves,” by Glass Animals,  954.4K+.

The Highest Earning Songs are “Skate,” by Bruno Mars with $2.80K+ revenue; “Beggin’,” by Måneskin, $2.80K+; “2055,” by Sleepy Harlow, $2.75K+; and “Want’s And Needs,” by Drake, featuring  Lil Baby, $2.67K+.

The Most Streamed and Highest-Earning Artists are Drake and Pop Smoke. Drake has been the Most Streamed Artist on August 4, where he gets 1.5M+ streams after releasing his viral song Wants And Needs on March 5. Pop Smoke is the Highest-Earning Artist on August 4, attaining a $4.19K+ revenue after releasing his hit song For The Night on October 3, 2020. Drake moved down 4 positions in 31 days (-33%) on the artist streaming chart. On the other hand, Pop Smoke moved up 29 positions in 30 days (64%) on the artist revenue chart.

The Most Streamed and Highest-Earning Song are “Beggin’” by Måneskin and “Skate” by Bruno Mars. “Beggin’” has been the Most Streamed Song since August 4, attaining 989.9K+ streams after it was released on 2017, and “Skate” is the Highest-Earning Song since August 4, earning $2.80K+ revenue after it was released on July 30. “Beggin’” moved down 259 positions in 15 days (-2878%) on the song streaming chart, and “Skate” moved down 11 positions in 5 days (-220%) on the song revenue chart.