NBA YoungBoy Is Never Broke Again, At Top On 9/11

NBA YoungBoy Is Never Broke Again, At Top On 9/11

The Baton Rouge, Louisiana artist YoungBoy Never Broke Again, also known as NBA YoungBoy, is officially at the top of the music charts this 9/11 weekend with his second studio album, simply titled Top. His name rings true. He is still young, twenty years old, and based on his chart metrics, he will never be broke again. His album title tells the truth to: it is at the top.

According to Music Maven’s proprietary technology, which provides the most current and accurate data on the performance of all artists and songs in daily music charts, because of Top, NBA YoungBoy is The Most Streamed and Highest Earning Artist.

The 21 tracks on Top, released on September 11, 2020, have done the work that full-length studio albums by top artists can do: ensure chart dominance for the artist even if the tracks do not uniformly dominate the song charts.

For example, only 2 of the songs on Top, “My Window,” featuring a fellow Louisiana artist, Lil Wayne, and “Drug Addiction,” broke the top 20 Most Streamed and Highest Earning Songs on day one. “My Window” is now the seventh highest earning song with $3.6K, followed by “Drug Addiction, at twelfth with $3K.

The album’s previously released singles have not done as well. The lead single, “All In,” the second single, “Kacey Talk,” and the third single, “Callin,” featuring Snoop Dogg, all made it to the top 100 in streams and revenue, with at least 1M streams and $1K, but “My Window” and “Drug Addiction” have been far more popular.

As a whole, Top brought NBA YoungBoy ten times the amount of its top songs, $31.9K on its first day. That is higher than the reigning revenue champs, the late Juice WRLD now at second with $23.7K, the late Pop Smoke now third at $16K, and Cardi B, fourth at $9.2K for the enduring popularity of her hit with Megan Thee Stallion, “WAP.” “WAP” is still the number one highest earning song, and accounts for all of Cardi’s daily pay from new music.

Top also knocked off Juice WRLD and Pop Smoke from their top spots on the streaming ranks. NBA YoungBoy’s 10.6M streams from Top moved Juice WRLD to second with 8M streams and Pop Smoke to third with 5.7M.

Last Labor Day weekend, Big Sean rose to the top with Detroit 2. He was the first living artist since Taylor Swift to release a major album and displace the top listenership of Juice WRLD and Pop Smoke. Sean has now fallen out of the top 20 Most Streamed, and is only 22nd with 1.5 streams, right below Taylor Swift, at 21st.


NBA YoungBoy has followed the trend initiated by Big Sean by rising to the top, above Juice WRLD and Pop Smoke.Only listeners will decide whether he will stay at the top, or fall in the charts, below the late artists, like Big Sean and Taylor Swift. Either way, with over $30K in just one day, YoungBoy Never Broke Again will probably never be broke again.

By Vince, September 13, 2020