Music Maven's Featured Playlist for Today - Jon John Robinson

Music Maven's Featured Playlist for Today - Jon John Robinson

Jon John Robinson is one of the most well-known producers right now in the music industry. He's worked with music legends from Diana Ross to most recently K-Ci and Jojo. Jon thrives in the R&B genre and focuses on growing young artists with an inspiration to bring back the classics we always knew and loved - with a mix of the modern flavor we have now. This mission makes Jon not only known but unique in the music industry now

Here's our short conversation with him about his featured playlist:

1. What is the genre(s) of your playlist?

The genre of this playlist is mainly R&B.

2. What inspired you to select the songs you did?

Hmm, what inspired me. I think the songs really complemented each other well. I wanted to have a mixture of upbeat and chilled music.

3. Please name the top 5 artists you've worked with:

Top 5 artists…… That’s a tough question because I like most of the artists I’ve worked with. But I’d probably say at the top of that list would be Diana Ross and Gladys Knight. To be able to work with 2 legends is such an honor. Next, I’d have to say TLC they are legends as well. 4 and 5 would be K-Ci & JoJo and Jon B. Honorable mention P!nk

4. How helpful is @musicmaven to artists today?

Music Maven is a great tool that expands on what Billboard does. While Billboard gives you weekly charts. MusicMaven gives you daily charts with a cool tool that allows you to track any given artist metrics. Their Influence, Streaming, and revenue. So if you’re an artist making noise, it gives you real data to track, so you know what areas to attack.

5. What's next for you? And anything you want to mention...

I’m currently focusing on my Indie Label AMG Records (ARKADIA MUSIC GROUP) and producing my daughter, and developing a young lady by the name of Syd Camille. I’m focusing on indie artists because I love the idea of releasing music that the artist wants to get behind, that they feel passionate about performing. Allowing them to explore the fullest possibilities of themselves. In my opinion, artists and music are interchangeable. There is no real competition of uniqueness in music as it used to be. I get that things change, and we must be able to adapt to change. But I also feel that having something unique and different is good. For example, you knew the difference between Jodeci and Boyz 2 Men. There was nothing similar other than they were both quartet groups. So I hope in what little way I can to change the face of music by bringing back originality that this generation can appreciate.

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And of course, here is his playlist suggestion:

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Interview by: Jason Edmonds