May Day, Drake Day: Drake Breaks The Bank On Dark Lane Demo Tapes

At this point Drake needs no introduction. The Toronto-born half African-American half Jewish-Canadian veteran of Degrassi High has generated so many hits and dominated so many music charts that he has in many ways become synonymous with music itself, if not the media.

Aubrey Drake Graham is such a powerful force in music and media that haters have suggested applying anti-trust legislation to him designed to reduce the monopoly power of corporations over entire industries and to allow competition within them. Perhaps artists with hateraide in their grip can find a lawyer to use the Sherman Anti-Trust Act to launch a class-action lawsuit against Drake for his music industry supremacy.

Not if J. Prince of Fifth Ward, Texas, has anything to say about it. J. Prince, the founder of the Houston-based Rap-A-Lot Records, and the creator of Rap in the South, whose son Jas discovered Drake, remains closely aligned to and influential with the Toronto star. Connected to the South in so many ways, Drake truly transcends regions with his universal appeal.

Drake’s release of his Dark Lane Demo Tapes on May Day 2020 has taken him over the top yet again. According to Music Maven — whose proprietary technology provides the most current and accurate data on the performance of the top 200 artists and songs in daily music charts — Drake is by far the number one Most Streamed Artist with 35.5M streams and the Highest Earning Artist with $95.7K on the first day of his latest release.

To put that in perspective, Drake’s 35.5M streams are 10M streams more than all of the other top five Most Streamed Artists now:

2. Lil Baby, of Atlanta, who just released a deluxe version of his album My Turn, from February 28, at 9M streams

3. DaBaby, of Charlotte, North Carolina, dominant in recent weeks since the release of his BLAME IT ON BABY on April 17, at 6M streams

4. Travis Scott, of Missouri City, near Houston, whose single collaboration with Kid Cudi as THE SCOTTS took him over the top last week, at almost 6M streams, and:

5. Megan Thee Stallion, of Pearland, also near Houston, whose “Savage” collaboration with yet another Houstonian, Beyoncé, has topped the music charts, at 5.5M streams.

Drake’s latest ranks him at the top of this year’s debuts, below Lil Uzi Vert and his Eternal Atake, which debuted on Music Maven’s music charts on March 6 with nearly 41M streams, but above Drake’s Toronto comrade, The Weeknd, whose After Hours debuted on March 20 with 34M streams.

Drizzy has been busy this year, and his virus-era “Toosie Slide” went viral after its release on April 3. “Toosie” is still the second Most Streamed Song at 3.5M streams. “Toosie” is now on Dark Lane Demo Tapes, and it shares the top five Most Streamed Songs with his latest releases, “Pain 1993,” featuring Playboi Carti, at number one with 4.5M streams, and “Chicago Freestyle,” featuring Giveon, at number four with 3M streams.

Drake takes no shorts nor losses, and to prove it, he is one of the few artists in the world who have multiple songs with over a billion streams on Spotify: “One Dance,” with 1.8B, “God’s Plan,” with 1.5B, and “In My Feelings,” with 1B, which make him the second most streamed artist on that platform, with almost 60M monthly listeners.

The more current, comprehensive, and accurate music charts generated by Music Maven, paint a more complex picture. Drake was only in the 50s and 60s among Most Streamed Artists for most of this year until he jumped 52 positions, or 78%, in only one day, with his release of “Toosie Slide” in early April, which has kept him in the top 10 since then. Now that Dark Lane Demo Tapes is out, he will likely reign the heights and nights for the next phase of this global crisis.

By Vince, May 2, 2020