Life After Death: Lil Wayne’s Funeral Reaches Rap Immortality

Lil Wayne may no longer be on Cash Money, but he is still a Hot Boy. As President of Young Money Entertainment, a label he founded and still a part of Universal Music Group, Wayne dropped the long-awaited Funeral, this past Friday, January 31, 2020.

On his thirteenth studio album, after the fifth volume from his namesake, The Carter V from 2018, Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. has tuned into a more funereal tone. According to the data metrics, Funeral is burning up the charts, and cremating the competition.

According to Music Maven’s proprietary technology, which offers data analytics and metrics for all artists and songs, the New Orleans native is literally on fire. With Funeral, Weezy has risen to the top of two of Music Maven’s most important metrics in only two days: Most Streamed Artist and Highest Earning Songs.

Wayne is also Number 2 on Music Maven’s dominant metric, Most Influential Artist, which encompasses not only streams and revenue, but social media presence, digital downloads, and concert ticket sales, for the most current, qualitative, and global measure of musical excellence online. He only has to compete with the Korean boy band, BTS, for the exclusive rank of Most Influential Artist.

Lil Wayne’s Number One Stream Rank meant he had 12.8 million total streams on February 1, and 13.5 million today, February 2. He reduced Roddy Ricch to second place, with only 9.6 and 8.3 million streams on those days, respectively.

Wayne’s Number One Revenue Rank shows that he earned $34K on 1 February and $39K the second day. That also lowered Roddy’s rank to second, at only $26K and $22K for those two days.

Wayne’s songs have not yet affected Roddy’s chart dominance in the most streamed and highest earning songs categories – “The Box” is still at the top of those charts – but Funeral’s individual tracks are more diversely interspersed throughout Music Maven’s Top 50 in both streams and revenue.

“I Do It,” featuring Big Sean and Lil Baby, jumped from Number 7 with 1.6 million streams on February 1, to 6 with an almost equivalent number, for over 3 million streams in just two days. In revenue, that same song also shot up 3 positions, to 43%, in only 2 days, to over $4K each day.

Four other songs on the Top 50 most streams on Day 2, February 2, include “Mahogany” (#25 and rising, 948,672 streams, $2.8K), “Mama Mia” (#37 and rising, 822,761 streams, $2.8K), “Funeral” (#39, 813,141 streams, $2.4K), and “I Don’t Sleep,” featuring Takeoff (#44 and rising, 778,836 streams, $2.2K). Of the 5 songs from Funeral on the Maven Top 50 for Streams, 4 are the first 4 songs on the album, which contains 24 total songs. This may mean listeners have been so entranced by the opening tracks that they have not even listened to the rest of the album yet. Check Music Maven’s data for daily inter-chart movement, to see if the other 20 later tracks rise from the grave.

By Vince, February 2, 2020