Justin Bieber Does Justice to the Music Charts

On Friday, March 19, 2021, Justin Bieber released his sixth studio album, Justice, the last since his Changes, in February of last year, pre-pandemic. The album, powered by five singles, starting with the hit, “Holy,” featuring Chance the Rapper last September, has been tremendously popular and successful. With 16 tracks, Justice has dominated all the major metrics for the music industry since its release.

According to Music Maven’s proprietary technology, which provides the most current and accurate data on the performance of all artists and songs in daily music charts, Justice has made Justin The Most Streamed, Highest Earning Artist, and Most Influential Artist. The fifth single, “Peaches,” featuring Daniel Caesar and Giveon, released simultaneously with the album, is now the Most Streamed and Highest Earning Song.

On the day of its release, Bieber racked up 26.2M streams and $72.9K in earnings for Justice. “Peaches” has streamed 5.1M times and has yielded $9.3K. Another track, only released on the album, and not a single, “As I Am,” featuring Khalid, was fourth most-streamed, with 2.2M streams, but second in earnings, with $6.7K. Since then, “Peaches” has held to the top of the song charts. While Bieber’s total streams have declined, as most often occurs in the days after a new release, to 16.2M daily streams, he remains far above, four times higher, than his closest competitor, Drake, who only has 4.2M streams from the release of his three-track EP, Scary Hours 2, on March 5.

Taking together the pre-released singles, Justice is poised to be Justin Bieber’s most successful album to date. With 379M streams on Spotify for “Holy” since its release last September, and 351M for another single, “Lonely,” featuring Benny Blanco, since its release last October, other tracks like “Peaches,” with 31.6K in only a few days, Justice has much room to grow above its already strong performance.

While none of these tracks is near billion-stream territory, Bieber has a record of accomplishment of reaching that billion-stream threshold. His “Love Yourself,” from 2015 has now been streamed 1.5B times on Spotify since its release. For now, with perpetual scarcity of new music at the top of the charts this year, Bieber’s Justice is poised to rule in streams and revenue through the near future.

By Vince, March 25, 2021