Jhené Aiko, A Woman Born From A Lotus, The World’s Most Powerful Female Artist With Chilombo

“this is not a perfect, linear story… but rather a REAL story… about love, loss, anger, forgiveness, sorrow, freedom and ALL the things life has to offer…”

That was how Jhené Aiko Efuru Chilombo, the full name of Jhené Aiko, described her album, Chilombo, on Instagram, the day before she released the album on March 6. She was right, Chilombo opens up the full range of feelings, emotions, perceptions, moods, and dispositions, from burning rage and smoldering melancholia to erotic arousal and tranquil shavasana.

The lyrics and music video for songs like “None Of Your Concern,” featuring her ex, Big Sean, do not offer perfect nor linear, but real representations of these contradictory moods. Shot in Hawai’i under green coconut shades, fuchsia sunsets, and ocean waves rippling against rock cliffs and beach sands, you can see Aiko the yogini in lotus pose, burning palo santo incense into rich smoke, placing red flames under tea leaves, glancing at white sea shells in dark wood interiors, getting the mood just right.

Similar to her tour across the country, leading meditations and pranayama breathwork with crystal alchemy bowls, softly beating drums and gong, and chanting what she calls “modern mantra. sacred sound. immersive experience,” to preview her upcoming release, Modern Mantra, the video for “None Of Your Concern” prepares you for relaxation and tranquility. Then lyrics of fury hit you:

I am not your girl anymore, you need to watch your tone

Don’t worry about who it is I’m fuckin’ or who I am lovin’, just know that it is not you

Jhené Aiko demands that you respect her boundaries and stay out of her auric field…or else. Clues to “or else” can be found in her earlier single and video“Maniac,” the aggression she warns of in “Happiness Over Everything (H.O.E.),” featuring Future and Miguel, and lyrics to “Triggered (freestyle),” released a year ago, and incorporated on Chilombo:

You muhfuckin’ right, I’m bitter

You muhfuckin’ right, I’m triggered

Then she can welcome you in to more erotic enticements on “P*$$Y Fairy (OTW),” stunt on you with ecstatic joy on her “B.S.,” featuring H.E.R., as in, Flexin’ on my exes, in my model X,” and allow you to dwell in happiness with “H.O.E.,” a reprise of an earlier collaboration with Miguel and Gucci Mane.

Similar to Thundercat, another LA-based artist with soulful, psychedelic, funky, and trippy rhythms, Jhené Aiko shares fragmented memories in nonlinear fractions to tell her real stories about life, relationships, and the pursuit of happiness. No surprise one of her favorite artists is Kid Cudi.

For Jhené Aiko, making you feel a certain way through her music seems to matter more than her position on music charts. That disinterested vibe of course reinforces her position atop those same charts. According to Music Maven’s proprietary technology, Aiko is now the world’s powerful female artist, at number five and rising in its Most Influential Artist category. This most important category takes into account the artist’s ranking in social media presence, streaming charts, digital downloads, and concert ticket sales, for a total perspective on the world’s greatest artists. And Jhené Aiko is definitely one of them.

Over the past week, since Jhené Aiko released Chilombo, she has also dwelt in the Most Streamed and Highest Earning Artist top five, often at number three, with between 3-9M streams per day and $9-28K per day. Music Maven shows that her top songs are now:

“B.S.,” featuring H.E.R., with 653,016 streams today, 6.8M total on Spotify

“Happiness Over Everything (H.O.E.),” featuring Future and Miguel, 372,172 streams today, 6.9M total on Spotify; and

“P*$$Y Fairy (OTW),” 299,626 streams today, and 24.3M total on Spotify.

The previously released “Triggered (freestyle)” and “None Of Your Concern,” featuring Big Sean, have more streams on Spotify, 65M and 28M, respectively. Their addition to Chilombo reinforce Aiko’s overall music chart power and presence.

Yesterday she posted an image on Instagram with the caption, “there was a woman… born from a lotus…” She is that woman. Born from a lotus, she has pierced its petals with her songs of sorrow and joy.

By Vince, March 13, 2020