Jack Harlow and Sleepy Hallow are on the Roll in the Music Charts

Jack Harlow and Sleepy Hallow are on the Roll in the Music Charts

What you need to know about the Music Charts on September 24, 2021:

The Most Influential Artists are Post Malone, DaBaby, Lil Uzi Vert, and THE ANXIETY

The Most Streamed Artists are DaBaby with 1.1M+ streams; THE ANXIETY, 1.0M+; Lil Uzi Vert, 1.0M+; and Earth, Wind & Fire, 1.0M+.

The Highest Earning Artists are Jack Harlow with $3.00K+ revenue; YoungBoy Never Broke Again, $2.98K+; Earth, Wind & Fire, $2.89K+; and Bad Bunny, $2.68K+.

The Most Streamed Songs are “2055,” by Sleepy Hallow with 860.4K+ streams; “Shivers,” by Ed Sheeran, 855.0K+; “Butter,” by BTS, 829.7K+; and “September,” by  Earth, Wind & Fire, 8.263K+.

The Highest Earning Songs are “September,” by  Earth, Wind & Fire with 2.51K+ streams; “Bad Habits,” by Ed Sheeran, $2.46K+; “Moon,” by Kanye West, $2.34K+; and “Traitor,” by Olivia Rodrigo, $2.29K+.

The Most Streamed and Highest-Earning Artists are DaBaby and Jack Harlow. DaBaby was the Most Streamed Artist on September 23, where he got 1.1M+ streams after releasing his hit song ROCKSTAR on April 17, 2020. Jack Harlow is the Highest-Earning Artist on September 23, attaining $3.00K+ revenue after releasing his viral song Whats Poppin on January 21, 2020. DaBaby moved down 1 position in 31 days (-5%) on the artist streaming chart. On the other hand, Jack Harlow moved down 2 positions in 30 days (-11%) on the artist revenue chart.

The Most Streamed and Highest-Earning Song are “2055” by Sleepy Hallow and “September” by  Earth, Wind & Fire. “2055” has been the Most Streamed Song since September 23, when it attained 860.4K+ streams after its release on April 14. “September” is the Highest-Earning Song since September 23, earning $2.51K+ after its release on November 18, 1978. “2055” moved down 11 positions in 30 days (-110%) on the song streaming chart, and “September” moved up 155 positions in 22 days (88%) on the song revenue chart.