Interstellar Alignment: BTS From Seoul Maps The Soul

In the ten days after Valentine’s Day, after artists like Justin Bieber released major heartbreakers, the interstellar alignment has stabilized. BieberRoddy Ricch, and Post Malone remain in the top 5 Most Influential Artist and Most Streamed Artist ranks. Billie Eilish is never far behind.

According to Music Maven’s proprietary technology, which is now the music industry standard for data analytics, the K-Pop band BTS is most responsible for the post-heartbreak constellation that you see among the stars. BTS’s latest release locked in the cornerstones of the top artists and songs, proving which stars were truly rising, and which were destined to fall.

BTS also demonstrated how Music Maven’s data-driven approach offers a more accurate stellar vantage point than more well-known competitors like Billboard and Spotify. As we shall see, one of the reasons why this true is that Music Maven does not confine its data to only one region, venue, or platform, but gathers and presents data across all media platforms, to offer a truly global picture of the artists on top of the world, regardless of area, culture, or language.

BTS is the best example of this. The Korean boy band of 7, also known as the Bangtan Boys, released its album, Map of the Soul 7 on February 21. That album has secured BTS’s top positions atop three of Music Maven’s most important categories: Most Influential Artist, the Most Streamed Artist, and Highest Earning Artist. Music Maven determines the Most Influential Artist rank according to its proprietary metrics, which includes social media presence, streaming charts, digital downloads, and concert ticket sales. This is extremely crucial for a group like BTS, which, unlike its contenders, does not rely on song streams for its star power.

For example, while BTS is now at number one in the world with 8.6M daily streams, it has no songs in the top 25, and only one in the top 50, despite Map of the Soul 7. That song, “On,” plus a remix with Sia, is only at number 26 with only 801K daily streams, and only has 10.8M total streams on Spotify, far lower than another song of its latest album, “Black Swan,” with 68.9M streams on Spotify. That is far lower than its earlier hit, “Boy With Luv,” featuring Halsey, now at 387.8M total Spotify streams. Compare that to other top artists like Billie Eilish, whose “bad guy” is now at 1.2B streams, or Post Malone, who has four songs at over one billion streams on Spotify.

How do you explain that, and BTS’s top revenue rank, at $24K a day? Not to mention the fact that BTS has been the Most Influential Artist in the world for most of this year, all in anticipation of its album?

Part of the explanation is YouTube. The video of its performance of “On” inside a cleared-out Grand Central Station, for the Jimmy Fallon show, is the Fifth Most Trending video on YouTube at 7.6M views in less than one day. The full video for “On” is now at 88M views in less than a week. Compare that to the video for “Boy with Luv” which had almost 75M views in one day, April 12, 2019, a record, now at 705M views.

Add its Map of the Soul Tour, set for Seoul in April, and the Rose Bowl in May, and the reasons for BTS’s world domination become clearer. As Billboard slowly counts its points and can only promise to project, like a malfunctioning app infected by malware to tally caucus votes, Music Maven already consistently demonstrated BTS’s dominance, as the World’s Most Influential Artist, for over a month before its album release. That album’s performance only confirms Music Maven’s own dominance over the music industry data that matters.

By Vince, February 25, 2020