Good News: Megan Thee Stallion Debuts Above the Music Charts

We all need some good news these days. Luckily a rapper from Houston has given us what we need.

Megan Thee Stallion has been one of the most dominant and recognized artists in music for some time now. So it may be surprising that she just released her debut studio album, Good News, this past November 20. But given her prominence in music, it should be no surprise that Megan debuted above all other artists on the music charts this weekend.

According to Music Maven’s proprietary technology, which provides the most current and accurate data on the performance of all artists and songs in daily music charts, the Goods News for Megan Thee Stallion, is that she is now the Most Streamed and Highest Earning Artist, with 10.7M streams and $28.1K, respectively, on the first day of the album’s release.

Just 2 days before she released Good News, Megan, also known as Hot Girl Meg, was outside of the top 100 Most Streamed Artists, at 104. On the day before the release, she jumped up 65 positions to 39 with fans eagerly anticipating her debut. Now at number one Most Streamed, her vertical rise a hundred steps up the ladder in only two days is a feat to behold.

Megan’s success on Good News builds on years of hard work, building name and sound recognition, thanks to major collaborations and loyalty from her fan base, The Hotties.

Her debut builds on the infrastructure of successful EP’s, mixtapes, and singles. Her three EP’s Make It Hot, Tina Snow, and Suga, and a full-length mixtape, Fever, have cemented her success. Suga, from this past May, and Fever, from last year, have kept Megan in the headlines.

Megan is probably most well-known for her singles. Her release of singles like “Girls in the Hood,” this past June placed Megan within the top five Most Streamed Artists. Her release of “Savage,” in March, followed by her blockbuster remix of the song with a fellow Houstonian named Beyoncé in April raised her rank. That remix now has one quarter billion streams on Spotify.

Megan’s collaboration with Cardi B on “WAP,” this past August took her over the top. “WAP” now has half a billion streams on Spotify in only one season, and keeps rising. Last week, “WAP” climbed back up the song charts, to number one Most Streamed on November 17, and still hovers at the top at number two, boosted by Good News.

On Good News, Megan has followed her track record of successful collaborations, with features from top artists like 2 Chainz, Big Sean, DaBaby, SZA, and Young Thug. The “Savage” remix featuring Beyoncé is on there, though there is no collaboration with Cardi. So far, fans most like her solo track offerings on the LP: “Body,” “Shots Fired,” and “Circles.” Only time will tell whether her Hotties most like her solo or collaborative tracks on Good News.

By Vince, November 21, 2020