Eminem and Gunna Reign on the Top in the Music Charts

Eminem and Gunna Reign on the Top in the Music Charts

What you need to know about the Music Charts on February 7, 2022:

The Most Influential Artists are     Nicki Minaj, Eminem, Bad Bunny, and Lil Uzi Vert.

The Most Streamed Artists are Eminem with 14.7M+ streams; Bad Bunny, 11.2M+; Lil Uzi Vert, 6.8M+; and Kendrick Lamar, 6.7M+.

The Highest Earning Artists are Gunna with $15.5K+ revenue; Doja Cat, $11.0K+; Juice WRLD, $10.4K+; and The Weeknd, $8.43K+.

The Most Streamed Songs are "Without Me," by Eminem with 9.2M+ streams; "DÁKITI," by Bad Bunny, 7.3M+; "HUMBLE," by Kendrick Lamar, 6.0M+ streams; and "The Real Slim Shady," by Eminem, 4.6M+.

The Highest Earning Songs are "pushin P," by Gunna, featuring Young Thug with $7.86K+ revenue; "We Don't Talk About Bruno," by Carolina Gaitán - La Gaita, Rhenzy Feliz, Stephanie Beatriz, Adassa, Mauro Castillo, Diane Guerrero, Encanto - Cast, $7.20K+; "Super Gremlin," by Kodak Black, $6.47K+; and "Do We Have A Problem?" by Nicki Minaj, $6.15K+.

The Most Streamed and Highest-Earning Artists are Eminem and Gunna. Eminem  has been the Most Streamed Artist since February 5, where he gets 14.7M+ streams after releasing his hit song Without Me on May 13, 2002. Gunna has been the Highest-Earning Artist since January  29, earning $15.5K+ revenue after releasing his viral song pushin P on January 7. Eminem moved up 67 positions in 31 days (99%) on the artist streaming chart, and Gunna moved up 1 position in 30 days (50% ) on the artist revenue chart.

The Most Streamed and Highest-Earning Songs are "Without Me" by Eminem and "pushin P" by Gunna, featuring Young Thug. "Without Me" has been the Most Streamed Song since February 5, attaining 9.2M+ streams after being released on May 13, 2002. "pushin P" has been the Highest-Earning Song since February 5, earning $7.86K+ revenue after being released on January 7. "Without Me" moved up 43 positions in 24 days (98%) on the song streaming chart and "pushin P" moved up 7 positions in 30 days (88%) on the song revenue chart.