Dua Lipa Rises To The Top Of World Music Charts With Future Nostalgia

“Don’t Start Now,” just get “Physical,” and “Break My Heart.” Model turned super-star singer-songwriter Dua Lipa has now risen to the top of the world music charts with Future Nostalgia, her disco-influenced dance and pop album, which she released on Friday.

After debating whether or not to release her long-awaited sophomore album, and noticing some artists like Lady Gaga have delayed their release dates due to global concerns about the spread of the Coronavirus/COVID-19, Dua Lipa decided it was best to do so now.

In a recent interview, she said that she “made the album with so much love, and had so much fun making it,” that “it just made me happy and made me want to dance.” She decided now is the right time because “now is the time we need music.” Her fans agree with her, and proven they need her music by listening to her songs by the millions.

Dua Lipa knows people throughout the world really need happiness and joy, and want to sing and dance, even if they cannot go out and party in the club, the place her music is made for.

Neither can she go out. The realities of global lockdowns have made life difficult for so many, including artists and their fans. However, Dua Lipa’s balance between incredible beauty, fame, and allure, and her down-to-earth, friend-next-door qualities during this crisis have only heightened her appeal.

A master of so many media landscapes, including live performances, the runway, television, video, studio, and radio air play, it is heartening to see her learn how to livestream her album on YouTube from lockdown in her apartment in London, and really connect with fans.

You might know Dua Lipa from her earth-shattering ode to women’s empowerment, “New Rules,” which she said was inspired by “girls looking after each other,” how she is with her friends, and giving, but not necessarily taking, advice, like about how to deal with an ex. The voice, message, and rhythm of that song has won it 1.3B streams on Spotify and 2B views of its video on YouTube since its release in 2017. Yes, billions.

“Don’t Start Now,” released last October, as the lead single of her latest album, has trended on the music charts since then, with 611M streams on Spotify. According to Music Maven’s proprietary technology, which provides the most current and accurate data on all artists and songs, “Don’t Stop Now,” was the second most streamed song in the world at the end of February with 2M streams, and again last week, in in anticipation of Future Nostalgia. It is now the third most streamed song, and rising, with just under 2M streams.

Dua Lipa herself has frequently been in the top 10 of Most Streamed Artists this March. Since the early release of Future Nostalgia this weekend ahead of its projected April 3 release date, Dua Lipa has been number two over the last two days, with 8.7-10.3M daily streams, second only to The Weeknd, whose After Hours still keeps him the world’s number one Most Streamed Artist. Dua Lipa only needs a million more daily streams to overtake the Weekend. Dua Lipa is also now the world’s third Highest Earning Artist, with $20-23K on the first days of her most recent release.

Dua Lipa was born in the UK to a family from Kosovo of Albanian descent. She spent much time growing up in both the UK and Kosovo. Her name “Dua” means “love” in Albanian. Her songs about heartbreak, love, and love lost truly endear her fans to this love.

By Vince, March 29, 2020