Is Doja Cat Really Quitting Music?

Is Doja Cat Really Quitting Music?

Recent headlines have been sparked by the rapper's assertions on social media that Doja Cat is ready to put her flourishing music career behind her. 

As a result, she's come to social media to make the same assertion. Doja Cat has decided to leave the music profession to her followers in a series of fiery tweets.

"This s-it ain't for me, so I'm out," the singer wrote in one of her posts on Twitter. 

She had performed earlier in the evening in Brazil, and she expressed regret to her fans for not giving it her best.

The event took place just two days after she canceled her gig in Paraguay due mainly to heavy floods caused by a storm. Following her gushing about Brazil, Paraguayan Twitter users accused her of being unconcerned about their home country.

In addition, several fans who waited in line for her in the rain outside Paraguay's Asunciónico festival and outside her hotel in order to meet the musician in person expressed displeasure with her for not saying hello to them.

The artist has stated her dissatisfaction with her performance during the first weekend of Lollapalooza Brazil, and she has exchanged heated words with NBCSports/TelemundoSports production assistant Roberto Rojas in the aftermath of the incident.

Doja, on the other hand, has several music commitments lined up shortly. This coming Friday (April 1), she's already scheduled to headline Lollapalooza Brazil's second weekend. 

She'll also be slated to perform as the opening act for The Weeknd on his recently announced After Hours Til Dawn stadium tour, which will kick off on July 8 in Toronto.

Doja also commented, "Yes the f–k i am," directly to Florida radio station MIX 105.1 tweet, "Ok so maybe @DojaCat isn't retiring," last Monday (March 28) that with a report about her apologizing for initially stating that she was resigning. 

She sent her devoted followers into yet another frenzy of shock and disbelief with a single comment.


Is Doja Cat really calling it quits on music? What are your thoughts bout this? Please share it with us.