Break Hearts, Break Charts: Justin Bieber Hits Ether, Billie Eilish Unimpressed

You knew it could not last: the almost uniform rise up the charts by most artists and songs had to come to an end. While Music Maven correctly identified, predicted, and posted the trends you see today – most of the top rising artists and songs are still high in the ranks – new releases have now ruined the rise of most of those artists and songs, and caused a realignment in overall inter-chart movements. The aftermath of the Valentine’s Day crush has begun to set in and forced many of artists and songs downward, though still in the clouds. While music insiders have gone wild with rumors about the impact of these releases, only Music Maven has generated and released the real facts and figures on this trend, which it follows here.

Who are the heart-breakers? Who knows that if you break hearts, you break charts?

Justin BieberA Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, and Tame Impala.

All released mega albums on Valentine’s Day.

Bieber immediately raised his already high rank, in the top five, as identified by Music Maven yesterday, to the ether, with the release of Changes. That album finally displaced Roddy Ricch from the top position in Maven’s Streaming Rank, from Number One to Five. Roddy had about the same number of listeners, from 7.5 to 7.3M streams, but Bieber knocked him out with a devastating triple force of 21M streams.

Adding insult to injury to Roddy, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie jumped over 30 floors up, from #33 to #2 – raising him 91 positions in 30 days, or 98% higher than the start of the month – with the release of his album, Artist 2.0. The album has increased Boogie’s stream rank ten-fold, from 1.2 to 12.2M streams today.

Then Tame Impala quickly released The Slow Rush, which further disrupted the industry and swerved artists in a downward spiral, raising to Maven’s third-place artist stream rank, to 7.4M streams. Tame Impala really came out of nowhere, like a slow and low ’64 Impala in the neighborhood all-of-a-sudden screeching onto the freeway ramp at full speed, passing the other cars, and then hitting switches to take flight over the others, off the map. No lie. Tame Impala was barely in the top 100 most streamed artists yesterday, literally #100, with nowhere near even half a million streams. With The Slow Rush, it made a mad dash up the charts to #4, with 7.4M streams.

This car crash for the industry’s greats moved major artists off their lanes, like Roddy down to fifth place, but he remains on the top five, dead or alive, and…wait for the punch line…upward and downward pressures blown by Bieber, Boogie, and Impala finally allowed Billie Eilish to overtake Roddy Rich. Even though Billie was hit by this car wreck, and moved down a position, she came out mostly unscathed, and characteristically unfazed by the drama with 7.6M streams, only third to artists who just released full albums.

Good thing Billie dropped a single right before Valentine’s Day because she knew it is “No Time To Die,” a bumper that protected her against oncoming traffic trying to merge onto her lane. That song raised her up to #3 on Maven’s Most Streamed Songs. Two of Bieber’s hit tracks, “Intentions,” featuring Quavo, and “Yummy” were already on that list before Changes dropped, but that album just repeated those songs, and so did not significantly alter those song trends with its release.

Billie and her brother-producer Finneas decided to reprise the James Bond theme song, for the eponymous 25th James Bond film, No Time To Die, just in time for the onset of the wreckage on the top of the charts. That song alone garnered 2.9M streams today.

Fool me once, fool me twice

Are you death or paradise?

Now you’ll never see me cry

There’s just no time to die

Oh, cry now, die later.

Thanks, Billie.

By Vince, February 15, 2020