Blame It On DaBaby For Taking Over The Music Charts

When DaBaby released his album BLAME IT ON BABY this past Friday, April 17, he quickly rose to the top of all of the music charts. According to Music Maven’s proprietary technology, which provides the most accurate and current data on all artists and songs, DaBaby has taken over all of Music Maven’s music charts and categories: Most Influential and Most Streamed Artists, and Highest Earning and Most Streamed Songs.

With fans needing something new to listen to during the lockdown, DaBaby delivered. While his album cover has him looking down and receiving blame, with multi-colored durag and open vest and face mask, DaBaby represents anguish over the Coronavirus/Covid-19 drama, his album is more about upbeat and fast-paced rhymes to dance and bob your head to.

DaBaby, originally from Charlotte, North Carolina — and not to be confused with Lil Baby, who released his album, My Turn, this past February, nor Baby of Cash Money Records, also known as Birdman —is probably the most productive musician now, not just in rap or hip-hop, but in the music industry as a whole. In little over a year, he has released three major studio albums, winning him millions of streams and views. Baby on Baby from March 2019, and KIRK, his last name, from September 2019 established him as a dominant force in music last year.

DaBaby most popular song, “Suge,” an homage to Suge Knight from his first album, has won him 358M streams on Spotify and 225M views of its music video on YouTube. His next most popular songs, from his second album, “BOP” and “VIBEZ,” have taken him over the top. “BOP” has reached 280M streams on Spotify and 217M views of its video, “BOP on Broadway (Hip-Hop Musical),” powered by the handstand twerking skills of Courtney Sanderson. “VIBEZ” is not far behind with 181M streams and 56M views for the video on YouTube.

All-star collaborations have also fueled DaBaby’s success, and of this collaborators. His lyrics on Camila Cabello“My Oh My,” from last December boosted the song to 265M streams on Spotify. Same for his assist on Post Malone“Enemies,” from last September, with its 199M streams. Perhaps following the success of Past Malone’s “rockstar,” featuring 21 Savage, from 2017, with its 1.8B streams, DaBaby named one of his current songs, “ROCKSTAR,” and featured Roddy Ricch, whose “The Box,” has been the most popular song this year. DaBaby’s “ROCKSTAR” is now the Most Streamed Song in the US with 3M streams on its first day, and the Highest Earning Song, at $7.8K on day one, which caused Drake’s “Toosie Slide” to slide from the top position.

Beyond “ROCKSTAR”, the album BLAME IT ON BABY as a whole has made DaBaby the Most Influential and Most Streamed Artist, with 23.6M streams on the day the album released. This is almost six times higher than his next competitor, the previous number one, Lil Uzi Vert at 4.1M streams, followed by Post Malone, The Weeknd, and Dua Lipa, all with 3.7-3.9M streams. BLAME IT ON BABY now has 12 of the top 25 positions on Music Maven’s music charts for most streams.

The single for the album, “FIND MY WAY,” previously released on April 1 helps explain the album’s success. That song now has 27M streams on Spotify, and is number 7 and rising on Music Maven’s music charts, at 1.9M streams the day the album dropped. The music video for “FIND MY WAY,” is really a ten-minute short film featuring the author-entrepreneur-comedian-musician B. Simone, that has already been viewed 12M times on YouTube.

On DaBaby Spotify profile, he claims that he spontaneously flew to Austin, Texas, for SXSW in 2015, without any prior stage performance or mic experience. DaBaby has demonstrated the prior experience is not necessary for entertainment and music success. With his fast-paced rhythm and raspy voice over melodic beats, powerful stage presence, and alternately serious and hilarious performance, DaBaby begs you to blame him for taking over the music charts.

By Vince, April 18, 2020