Billie Eilish Revives Music Charts With My Future

The music charts are now dominated by artists who have released major albums over the last month, almost in the exact order of their release. Last Friday, July 24, Taylor Swift released folklore, which won her with 66.7M streams on day one. That was a very high streaming debut, but was not as high as that of the late Juice WRLD, whose posthumous Legends Never Die, brought the deceased artist 77.7M streams upon its release, July 10. The late Pop Smoke, whose estate released his posthumous Shoot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon on July 3, was number one with 24.8M streams a day after that album release.

Now, at the beginning of August, Taylor Swift is still the Most Streamed Artist with 19.9M streams, Juice WRLD is second with 16.6M streams, and Pop Smoke is third with 7.27M streams. The most important change at the top is Billie Eilish, who released her latest single, “my future,” late on Thursday, July 30. Apart from her revival, no other artist has made a significant change to the charts.

According to Music Maven’s proprietary technology — which provides the most current and accurate data on the performance of all artists and songs in daily music charts — Billie Eilish is now the fourth Most Streamed Artist, with 6.3M streams. That is double the count for “my future,” which has reached the top of the song charts with 3.13M streams.

This suggests that the single encouraged fans to listen to her other music, something that does not always happen with new releases. For example, almost all of Taylor Swift’s streams from last week were for folklore, not her earlier music. The songs on folklore took up all but two of the top twenty most streamed songs last week. Same for Juice WRLD for the weekend of his latest album release. The songs on Legends Never Die occupied all but two of the top twenty-two most streams songs when it was released. Fans listened almost exclusively to those albums, not other songs by the same artists.

In other words, the release of an artist’s new music does not necessarily encourage fans to listen to their old music. Fans may be more than satisfied with the new music. On the contrary, a few artists like Billie Eilish, by releasing only one song, not nearly enough to satisfy fan demand, can entice fans to seek out more.

Billie Eilish has released only one full-length studio album, her debut When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?, from March of last year, but tracks on that album, plus three EP’s and 24 singles, mostly in the last few years, have given this 18-year old artist a powerful portfolio with copious hits for fans to recollect.

Besides her only major release this year, the theme song, “No Time To Die” for the latest James Bond film this past February before the pandemic, fans continually listen to tracks like “lovely,” featuring Khalid, and “bad guy,” both of which are in the rare billion-stream territory on Spotify. Since her release of “bad guy” last March, it has been streamed 1.47B times.

Like most artists, Billie Eilish has been silent through this pandemic, so “my future,” brightened the eyes of fans who first listened to Billie’s first hit, “ocean eyes.” Like a wink at fans reminding them to remember, “my future” predicts the future of the artist and the fans alike: fans listening to songs by an artist they know they like.

By Vince, August 2, 2020