Ariana Grande Positions Herself Atop the Music Charts

Last weekend, when Ariana Grande released “positions,” the lead single to her new album, Positions, she quickly positioned herself atop the music charts. With that single alone, released last Friday, October 23, she switched chart positions to join the ranks of the top 5 Most Streamed and Highest Earning Artists, fourth in both categories, with 5M streams and $14.2K on the first day. Most of those streams and revenue were from the single, “positions,” which immediately became the Most Streamed and Highest Earning Song, with 3.1M streams and $11K on the first day. When Ariana released Positions, her sixth studio album, this past Friday, October 30, just in time for Halloween, she became the dominant artist in the country.

According to Music Maven’s proprietary technology, which provides the most current and accurate data on the performance of all artists and songs in daily music charts, because of her release of Positions, Ariana Grande swept all the major categories, and was the Most Influential, Most Streamed, and Highest Earning Artist this weekend. The 14 tracks on Positions also took over most of the top positions on the song charts, making her songs the Most Streamed and Highest Earning Songs this weekend.

As Most Streamed Artist, Ariana Grande reached number one with 36.7M streams on day one after her release of Positions. Those 36.7M streams were just under the equivalent of all the other 9 of the top 10 Most Streamed Artists combined, whose total equaled 37.7M streams. Those were, in position order, 2. Trippie Redd at 9.6M streams, 3. the late Pop Smoke at 6M, 4. the late Juice WRLD at 5.2M, 5. Justin Bieber at 3.3M, 6. Luke Combs at 3.3M, 7. 21 Savage at 2.7M, 8. Jack Harlow at 2.6M, 9. Travis Scott at 2.5M, and 10. Internet Money at 2.5M. In other words, Ariana Grande had 9 times more streams than her next competitor, and almost 15 times more than the tenth most streamed. At $97K total the day after her release of Positions, a similar story played out in her dominance of the Highest Earning Artist category.

She mastered the song charts even more definitively. In terms of streams, the songs on Positions took over all but one position on the Most Streamed Songs chart, leaving Maluma’s “Hawái” alone at eighth. Overall, the album’s 14 tracks occupied the top 17 Most Streamed Songs. Even more perfectly, tracks from the album allowed no room for any other artist or album on the top 10 Highest Earning Song chart. In earnings, the single “positions,” still brought the highest amount, $10.4K, slightly lower than its debut revenue. Since streams and revenue do not always match, her second single, “34+35,” about another position (34+35=Last weekend, when Ariana Grande released “positions,” the lead single to her new album, Positions, she quickly positioned herself atop the music charts.), repositioned her first single, “positions” to second Highest Streamed. In other words, “34+35” is the Most Streamed Song, at 3.9M, even though it is not the Highest Earning Song.

Part of the reason for Ariana’s overall success over the last two weeks, is the popularity of her music video for “positions.” Fans have viewed the video for “positions” 57.8M times on YouTube since it premiered with the single on October 23. The chorus, which begins with “Switchin’ them positions for you,” takes on all kinds of meanings in the song and in the video. It is about flexibility and dexterity in relationships, as in, dominating different roles, from boss to chef to the bed. It is also about women dominating different social, political, and intimate positions. In the video, just in time for the presidential election on Tuesday, November 3, Ariana reimagined herself as a reincarnation of Jackie Onassis, not just as the First Lady, but also as the President. With styles reminiscent of another star of that era, Audrey Hepburn on Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Ariana rocked the black-and-white gloves, dress, and cap to match. As she is “Switchin’ them positions for you,” she listens to and parties with constituents, and moves from the Oval Office to the White House South Lawn, from kitchen to bedroom, dominating each of those positions for you. Imagine, Ariana Grande, President of the United States of America. Until Election Day, Ariana Grande, President of the Music Charts.

By Vince, November 2, 2020