Adele and Her Upcoming Fourth Studio Album '30'

Adele and Her Upcoming Fourth Studio Album '30'

The news of Adele returning TO the music industry limelight after five years of being on hiatus puts the internet in a frenzy. When a teaser of her song "Easy on Me" is posted throughout her social media accounts, fans rejoice and express strong anticipation.

The 15-time Grammy award-winning artist offered fans a sample of what "Easy on Me" sounds like during The latest Instagram Live session. Through the session, Adele had a little Q&A session for the fans. She was asked about the subject matter OF "30" and the inspiration behind her upcoming album. The singer confesses that her divorce with Simon Konecki, which finalized with joint custody of her kid, drove the creation of new material for the album.

Keeping with the practice of her previous music projects, Adele has announced that she will not be working with any artist on her upcoming album '30'.

Following the FIRST SINGLE'S release on October 14TH, it has been at the top of the streaming charts for the last three days, accumulating 3.1M+ streams and earning $9.22M+ revenue. Adele's single also boosts her to the #2 spot of the most streamed and highest-earning artist on October 18.

Adele's new video for the single, "Easy On Me," features vintage black and white cinematography, as she sings about forgiveness, while in the same breath, reflecting on her naïve mistakes in the past.

Before releasing her album, she performed it on Drake's radio show last year to solicit his reaction and opinions on the music. His response must have been positive now. According to the singer's social media accounts, the upcoming fourth studio album "30," is scheduled to be released on November 19.

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