A Baby Star Is Born: It Is Lil Baby’s Turn, Lady Gaga Proud

Music industry insiders know nothing stays the same for long in the music industry. There may be no greater truism in music, but neither insiders, nor fans, nor artists themselves know exactly who will be the next big star, when, or why. Good thing Music Maven posts real-time data and chart movements on a daily basis, and provides time-sensitive changes that no other source has. Music Maven’s metrics-in-motion allow for predictive forecasting of which artists will rise, and an immediate, comparative understanding of the magnitude of their rise.

Music Maven proves that the star of the hour is now Lil Baby, who just released My TurnLady Gaga, the star of the most recent version of A Star is Born, simultaneously disrupted the charts with a hit single, “Stupid Love.” Gaga would be proud of the birth of a Lil Baby, who raises the hour of the star for the transition from February to March. Music Maven also shows that Lil Baby refracts starlight at a far higher frequency than most new releases this year, with nearly 20M total streams today.

While fans easily discern one artist from another, music insiders, and even close listeners in Hip-Hop/Rap, may be forgiven for accidentally confusing the names of three dominant figures in Southern Rap who all take their names from newborns: BabyDaBaby, and Lil Baby. Baby, also commonly known as Birdman, from New Orleans, is the co-founder and major media presence for Cash Money Records. DaBaby, from Charlotte, North Carolina, and Lil Baby, from Atlanta, are among the newer shining stars in the game.

Lil Baby and DaBaby have both become well-known only in the last two years. They have also collaborated together, for example, on a song from last year through Quality Control, led by the Atlanta-area super-group, Migos, called, of course, “Baby.” Music Maven’s data has demonstrated that both DaBaby and Lil Baby have hovered in the ranks of top 10 Most Streamed Artists for this year. For example, DaBaby has been in the Top 10 Most Streamed every day this year, except today, at 11. Lil Baby has been in the Top 20 Most Streamed this year. Now he is Number 1 Most Streamed, and second Most Influential only to BTS.

Lil Baby’s release of his second album, My Turn, on Friday, February 28, built on the prior success, and incorporated, two of his top singles, “Woah” and “Sum 2 Prove.” His top song is now “Heatin Up,” featuring his close collaborator, Gunna, currently at Number 4 Most Streamed Song, with 1.9M daily streams, and Number 5 Highest Earning Song, $5.2K today. Lil Baby now has 10 of the top 50 of Music Maven’s Most Streamed Songs, and is featured on an eleventh, “TOES,” by DaBaby featuring Lil Baby and Moneybagg Yo.

Lil Baby’s My Turn features numerous tracks with other major collaborators, including Lil WayneLil Uzi Vert, as well as two kings of Atlanta Trap, Future, and Young Thug, a long-time friend and supporter of Lil Baby’s music. Spotify’s exclusive Rap Caviar playlist has Lil Baby on its cover image, and his collaboration with Future, “Live Off My Closet,” at its number one position, with “Heatin Up” at number 6. Lil Baby’s featured stars on My Turn, its promotion by Spotify, his name recognition through his appearance in How High 2, the strength of his releases over the past months, “Woah” and “Sum 2 Prove,” and the overall quality of his latest album, all help explain why Lil Baby reached the Number 1 Most Streamed Artist rank with 19.5M total streams today.

For context and comparison of this extreme stream magnitude, Roddy Ricch, who has held that rank for much of this year, has only reached 13M daily streams, and is now at second place with 6M. Even BTS, at its highest in the last days, reached 12M, but not near the almost 20M streams of Lil Baby. At triple his competitor, Roddy, and almost equal to all the streams of the other top 5 artists, Roddy, Post MaloneJustin Bieber, and Billie Eilish, Lil Baby has bitten a gigantic chunk off the top of the chart.

Lady Gaga released “Stupid Love” the same day as Lil Baby’s My Turn, bringing it to the Number 2 Most Streamed and Highest Earning Song, $5.7K and 2.1M streams, respectively. Gaga’s “Stupid Love” is now second only to this year’s reigning song, “The Box,” by Roddy Ricch. That song alone brings Gaga back to the ranks of Most Influential Artists, at Number 5 and Rising.

The latest star of A Star is Born would definitely agree that it is Lil Baby’s turn.

By Vince, February 29, 2020