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Roberto Zanetti (born 28 November 1956) is an Italian singer, music producer, songwriter and businessman from Massa, Tuscany. As a singer he is known under the stage name Savage, and as a music producer he uses the alias "Robyx". In 1989, he recorded "I Just Died in Your Arms" (a hi-NRG remake of the Cutting Crew song), as well as a greatest hits album. In 1994, he released another album, Strangelove, containing a number of remixes of his older songs and four mixes of the song "Strangelove" (by Depeche Mode). The last single which was released by Savage was "Don't You Want Me", which appeared on his own label, Dance World Attack Records (DWA) in 1994. This track does not appear on the Strangelove album. At the beginning of 2019 he started the recordings of a new album "Love And Rain", the...
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