Henriette Van Den Boorn-Coclet

Henriette Van Den Boorn-Coclet
Born: January 15, 1866
in Liège
Henriette van den Boorn-Coclet (15 January 1866 – 6 March 1945) was a Belgian composer. She was born in Liege, Belgium and studied at the Liège Conservatory with Jean-Théodore Radoux and Sylvain Dupuis, where she received a first prize in solfège (1887) harmony (1882) and fugue (1884). She also won a silver medal for chamber music (piano and strings) in 1886. After completing her education, she took a position teaching harmony at the Conservatory (1892–1931). She won the Prix de Rome in 1895. She died in Liege. Her compositions make use of a late 19th-century neo-romantic style.
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