Born: September 18, 1992
in Osaka
George Kusunoki Miller (ジョージ・楠木・ミラー, Jōji Kusunoki Mirā, born 18 September 1992), known professionally as Joji and formerly as Filthy Frank and Pink Guy, is a Japanese singer, rapper, comedian, and former YouTuber. Miller's music has been described as a mix between R&B, lo-fi, and trip hop. Miller began his YouTube career in 2011 shortly after moving to the United States, gaining recognition for portraying oddball characters on the satire channels TVFilthyFrank, TooDamnFilthy, and DizastaMusic. The channels, which featured comedy hip hop, rants, extreme challenges, and ukulele and dance performances, are noted for their shock humor and prolific virality. Miller's videos helped popularize the Harlem Shake, that contributed to the commercial success of Baauer's song of the same name which led...
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