Ludwig Straus

Ludwig Straus
Born: March 28, 1835
in Bratislava
Ludwig Straus (March 28, 1835 – October 23, 1899) was an Austrian violinist. Straus was born at Pressburg. He studied at the Vienna Conservatorium from 1843 to 1848, as a pupil of Böhm; made his first appearance in 1850, and five years afterwards made a tour in Italy; in 1857 he became acquainted with his lifelong friend, the cellist Piatti, and toured with him in Germany and Sweden. From 1860 to 1864 he was concert-meister at Frankfurt, and during these years he visited England frequently, in the year 1864 taking up his residence there.He was for many years leader of the Halle orchestra in Manchester, and a familiar figure at the Popular Concerts in London. He was first violin in the Queen's Band. He retired, owing to ill health, in 1893, and from that time till his death, lived at Cambridge...
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