Miguel Zavaleta

Miguel Zavaleta
Born: February 16, 1955
in Argentina
Miguel Zavaleta (Buenos Aires, Argentina, February 16, 1955) is a musician, singer and composer Argentinian rock. He led the group of new wave and rock, Suéter, call between 1981 and 2007.He is the author of most of the successes of Suéter, including: «Amanece en la ruta», «Él anda diciendo», «Comiendo gefilte fish», «Desvanecidos» and «Extraño ser».After the breakup of the band, Zavaleta, begins his solo career with his first album titled No sé, quizás, suerte, released independently in 2011. It was produced by Palo Pandolfo and Mario Breuer. This disc was not recorded in any record company, so the artist had to hang it on the Internet.In addition to his solo career, he has participated in over twenty-five recordings of other artists, including: Charly Garcia, Fito Paez, Fabiana Cantilo,...
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