Brain Donor

Brain Donor
Born: 1999
in NA
Brain Donor are an English power trio, formed in July 1999 by Julian Cope and two Spiritualized members, Doggen Foster (lead guitar) and drummer Kevin 'Kevlar' Bales. Wearing full make-up in the kabuki style of early KISS, the band seek to combine Van Halen-esque heavy metal with garage rock in the style of Blue Cheer and the Japanese noise rock bands High Rise and Mainliner.The band's debut album Love Peace & Fuck was hammered by the press for its gratuitous soloing and guitar heavy production. But with the recent return of heavy metal values to underground music via re-appraissals of Blue Cheer and Sir Lord Baltimore, Love Peace & Fuck has since come to be regarded by the new American Underground as something of a classic,} and a US compilation album of the band was released in 2005, on San...
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